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in Crested Butte

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Resort life

Visitors coming here expecting to find the all too often horrible Colorado-style, glitzy ski-tourist trap, will be pleased to note that Crested Butte is none of that. This is a friendly and welcoming place with services located at the base area or in the the old town, a short, free bus journey away. Wherever you stay, there is plenty to keep you entertained at prices that don't always hurt. Local facilities include basic sporting outlets, a swimming pool, a gym, and an ice rink. There is also a cinema with the latest movies on show. But note, this is not a place loaded with attractions, but more of a place where you can sit back and relax without being over pampered.  The Colorado Boarder Shop on Mt C.B. is locally owned and run and is the place for hire and snowboard sales, as well as all the 'cool' latest gear.  Also check out The Air Up There in town for more skate and snow apparel.


Fatties on a mission to eat fast, hard and cheaply, welcome - you have arrived in heaven. This place is littered with eateries in every price range. For a hearty breakfast, there are a number of good places to visit such as Forest Queen, The Woodstone Grill or the Timberline Cafe, all three open early. Later on in the day, check out Idle Spur where they serve damn fine steaks cooked exactly to the way you like it and for some of the best burritos around, go to Teocalli Tamale's, they are out of this world!


Night-life comes with a cowboy theme without the flashness or bright lights. You can drink in a relaxed atmosphere at a number of joints that go on until the early hours. Talk of the Town has a punkish reputation and worth a visit. The Idle Spur is another cool hang which offers a good selection of beers and often has live music. There are plenty of bars and some really good, small club style nights with decent dance music, which is often a rarity in Colorado. 


Accommodation is available at the slopes or in the old town, and together they can sleep 5,000 visitors in a choice of condos, hotels and B&B's. The nearer you stay to the slopes, the more costly things are, making the old town the cheapest option. 

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