Mount Bachelor resort review

Snowboard Guide rating 10 out of 10 “Full-on freeriders resort offering great open and tree-lined riding on crowd free slopes ideal for all levels. Excellent local facitities of a high quality. Bachelor may not be steep but it makes up for this with awesome wind-enhanced terrain and decent parks. Some have described the Bachelor terrain as being similar to a snow covered skate park with all its windlips, transfers and transistions. Even with only a few inches of fresh (which is about every other day) you will have a great time thanks to the wind. Just stay on the wind protected sides of the ridges and you will find plenty of nice slashes and face shots.”



Trees & good off-piste



3 Terrain parks & a halfpipe



Lots of well pisted long trails



Great slopes to learn on

Mountain stats

Top lift:2763m
Vertical drop:946m
Bottom lift:1818m

LiftsLift count : 10 x Chairlifts   2 x Drag-lifts  

Ride area 3683acres

Total Pistes:71
Longest Piste:1.5miles (3.5km)

Mt Bachelor is located in the Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon, 20 miles from the once booming, but now slumping resort town of Bend. The snow-capped, dormant volcano is unique in that it is conical-shaped with seven high-speed quads, offering 360 access to the whole area. Chutes and gullies created long ago by lava flows, gives the terrain a shape and contour found in few other places.

Combine 370 inches of annual snowfall, howling winds that create fairy-tale wind-lips, and you're left with acres of terrain that rival the best of any man-made park. Weekly storms rock the mountains, forcing you to frequently use force to steer through the dense weather systems. But even before the clouds clear and the sky is blue again, Mt Bachelor is damn fun!

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