Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Powder Mountain


Powder MountainFreeriders will be stoked to find that Powder Mountain is one giant playground. Most of the terrain is a variety of tree shots, rock drops, and open powder fields. There are great lines off either side of Straight Shot and from the top of Cobabe Canyon

Riders will also fall in love with the backcountry area known as Powder Country which is well known throughout the region. These impressive steeps are easily accessible from the Sundown lift and drop to the highway where a shuttle service runs for another ride up.

Powder has super cat skiing from the top of Lightning Ridge. There’s 700 acres of powder. A 30min hike to James Peak gives access to a number of chutes and bowls. it costs $7 for a trip up. Group tours are available at $80/125 half/full day to these areas. Tel: 801-745-3772 ext 156


Freestylers If you search a little, you can find plenty of natural hits to play on. The boulder field on lower Straight Shot and the trees off of East 40 have some nice kickers.There’s the Sundown Park off the Confidence lift which is lit at night, and has a half decent pipe (usually open by mid-January). There should be a good selection of features in the Hidden Lake terrain park


The piste options here are limited it's more of a backcountry resort.


Beginners should all learn to ride at this resort with ease. Sunrise, Sundown, or Hidden Lake lift would be good places to start while the Picnic and Mushroom runs are nice mellow runs to follow up on.

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