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User rating 7 out of 10

A good days cruising

Fri 16 January 2009 by bullet/mountain goat

firstly, the mountain views are stunning-Mont blanc right to the side of you, The groomers are were perfect and theres lots of trees to be explored as well as trees in gullies, cliff jumps - not that Im expert or anything but have done a season in Fernie Canada as well as Chamonix and this area looked like lots of fun- i only spent a day there but after a week+ of no fresh pow, there was still fresh tracks to be had (mid jan). The little snack bars are quaint and didnt seem to be at all commercialised as in North america for example and the cafes do dam fine hot chocs. Also the mountains got lots of different faces so you can follow the sun all day and we had no ques at all so it was a swwweeet day in all. Although, ignore the wierd blue lighting and stairs you have to climb indoors to get to the lift - was a bit odd and unwild but thats 3mins of your life experience so is no biggy :)


User rating 3 out of 10

Dont go here

Sun 22 January 2006 by Iestyn

If you have been riding everywhere else in the world and needed to try somewhere new then Courmayeur is for you. If however, you only get to ride once or twice a year then avoid Courmayeur like the plague. Bored after 2 days, runs very average and not much to do. Also take out an extra mortgage before you go - you will need it. Pretty town though. All in all -don,t go.