Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Anzere


Freeriders in soft boots will fair well on the areas found off the Les Rousses and Le Bate chair lifts. Some big sprays of snow can be made under the top section of the gondola and the trees at the lower parts although not extensive, do offer some pine shredding. The Swiss don't particularly like the woods being cut up, so keep your head down. The very long black, masques, will burn the legs of even the fittest of boarders, if attempted without stopping.


Freestylers can spin off a number of natural hits and there are ample areas for practising your switch stance, especially as many of the piste hold a continual pitch. There's a fun park with a pipe and a boardercross, all of which while not ground braking are fine for the air heads.


Riders licking it down the piste at full speed are in evidence here, with the terrain lending itself well to some good edge-to-edge riding. Competent riders will find the black under the Pas-de-Maimbre gondola worth a visit. It should be said that this run could be a red, but it's OK and allows for a few quick turns.


Beginners should achieve the most on the well matched and easy slopes which can be tackled by taking the Pralan-Tsalan chair lift and then by using the drags many drags. The piste down to the base station doesnt lend itself to beginners as it narrows out and can get crowded, so you will probably have to down load. The best school by far is the Glisse Glycerine School, which staffed by some very friendly English speakers.

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