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Worth a weekend dash

Thu 5 February 2009 by jat147

I decided to see if we could drive to the alps and nick a weekends' riding before xmas, so we came here - drive is 13 hrs by the way. Was pleasantly surprised by the place, top station was a glacier over 3000m and super cold, plenty of tree lined runs, a park with a big pipe, and a good amount of off piste that we could have investigated more given a bit longer. Don't be put off by the 'Crap Sogn' peak - it ain't as bad as that really! The only rubbish bit was buying lunch at the top, £9 for sausage chips n coke! The run to resort at the end of the day was so good, I even managed to grab the very last lift of the day and do it twice - good times. Nightlife is poor though, it was like a morgue when we were there. Good for a weekend.