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User rating 8 out of 10

Great Value - different kebab

Thu 12 January 2012 by Gazzagee

Love the place, went twice last year (2011) a group of 8 of us went in Feb and stayed at the Nordic (AAAA) in El Tarter, the hotel was mega the food was great and you can board to your door, for a few of us it was the first time in a resort and i am so glad we came here, the whole area of Grandvalira is so well linked together making your way around the place is great, its easy to lose the whole day never being on the same run twice, and everything is a reasonable price so having a few beers at night didn't make too much of a dent!

Look out for the 'Different Kebab' food place at the top of one of the peaks, one of them Kebab's set me up for the rest of the day.

(note on travel from Tolouse) We found the 3h transfer from Tolouse was not to hard going however all the coaches stop halfway at this crappy little cafe (drivers must have a deal to bring everyone there) where expensive naff French chips are sold and the bogs are that bad most of the drivers are found going for a wee in the stream, that fact that you drive past a Mcdonalds to get to the cafe makes it worse be warned and take some sandwiches.


User rating 7 out of 10

Late Season Bargain?

Sun 6 August 2006 by Darkside

We took a late season deal which was only £300 p/p fully catered in a quality chalet in early April. The snow was a little hard in the morning and very soft in the late afternoon and patchy on some of the key runs, so not ideal condidtions.

The Spanish lift guys were not the most friendly and were very hostile towards people who were not fully in tune with the high speed lift system in place which frustrated our party and made things less enjoyable on occassion.

The nightlife was great as everything was very cheap and very lively and we had some crazy late nights out in Soldeu town. We bagged some great end of season gear and clothing bargains to take home too which made things even better value.

Overall, the boarding could have been better but for the time of year and the cost, it was money well spent and we had an awesome time. We will definately try Andorra again in the height of season to get the full flavour.

User rating 7 out of 10

Its much better than 4/10!!!

Thu 5 January 2006 by printer

I agree, this place is definitely better than 4/10. The instructors in the snowboard school are a,azing, so clear and really great fun too. They even videoed us and brought us in to show us where we were going wrong. Now that it is on pne big lift pass, the amount of varied terrrain is just incredible and there are some lovely natural hits all over the place too. Nightlife was good as well, loved the bar with the shots while you hang off the roof!!!! But very frustrated at the lack of cahpoints that work. Overall, its one you should definitely go and try out.

User rating 8 out of 10

It aint so bad....

Tue 4 January 2005 by Millsy1

I have just booked my third trip to Soldeu today having returned only yesterday. It may be small & a little busy but it has a fantastic atmosphere & I was glad to say a higher proportion of boarders to skiers than any other resort I have seen. Instructors in the school are nothing short of fantastic (particular shout out to Dan, Ed & Andy!!) and an excellent nightlife helped along by friendly & very chilled out bar staff. The slopes may not be the best for the discerning 'Extreme Sports Channel' wannabes but for your ordinary rider, if the jumps aren't there, there is ample opportunity to build your own just short hikes from the lifts. We successfully catered for 19 of us & can't wait to get back there!

User rating 8 out of 10

4/10! Get a grip

Fri 12 November 2004 by t8yman

I went feb 2002 and feb 2003, and found soldeu to be fantastic, I don't see ANY reason to rate this resort 4/10, the mountain and facilities are excellent, with varied runs and arguably the best board school in europe, I know it is crystal ski's flagship board school. The resort is great, the sport village hotel is a shining example of how stay in luxury, with fantastic ambience and a lovely view over the main gondola. The bars in this relatively small resort are excellent. The friends I went with are far better travelled than I, and have been to Soldeu four times. Does this sound like a 4/10 to you?

User rating 8 out of 10

Great and cheap!

Tue 7 September 2004 by Beanie1

I spent a week in Soldeu in February 2004. We were there to learn, it was our first time riding. I would definitely agree with Liam, Soldeu is a great place to go. The snowboard school was excellent, the instructors were fantastic. They were so patient! The atmosphere in the resort dead relaxed. The nightlife is good, there are lots of different bars to check out, and compared to the rest of Eurpoe it is stupidly cheap! We loved it so much that we booked to return as soon as we got back to the UK. I would say if you are thinking of Andorra, Soldeu is a great place for beginners (and intermediates) to go, and get there before more people discover it!

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Apres Ski makes up for resort

Mon 16 August 2004 by keri

Soldeu is a pretty good resort, i would say it is suitable for anyone from beginners to above average, i wouldn't say it was good for advanced riders/skiiers.

Andorra on the whole is very cheap, which makes it an attractive destination, and the night life is as good as any other resort i have been to.

User rating 8 out of 10

ridiculously under-rated!

Wed 21 April 2004 by liam

i spent a week in this resort in march 2004, and cant believe the review that it gets on this site! it was an extremely cheap holiday, and to be honest i wasnt expecting much at all of the resort, but it was amazing! firstly the review said the resort was overcrowded, i reckon this is the least busy resort ive ever been to! the lift system is very up to date, even more so than whistler, where i spent last season. there are loads of high speed four and six seater chairs. second point, the snowpark is excellent. theres a superpipe, and plenty of kickers and rails ranging from beginner right up to pro standard. this is the second best park ive ever ridden after whistler. the pistes are also good, the review complains about a lack of black runs but there were plenty of fast, wide open pistes to jib around on, and also plenty of opportunity for caning it! the terrain is not that great for freeride, but i expect that there are loads of good kicker spots if you are willing to look for them. i would definitely reccomend this resort, even if you dont like it you can always spend the week getting wasted on the dirt cheap spirits!