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The last run of the season ?

Tue 3 May 2005 by Rik

Been twice this season, once in January (frostbite on two big toes - must buy new boots) and just came back from there yesterday (2nd May). The resort was open down to the mid-gondola and although it got pretty slushy from 2pm onwards what more can you expect when its 30 degrees and hot enough to tempt the chicks to board in bra's. The park had a couple of small kickers to practice your 180's, and although there were a few skiers trying to ruin the jumps who lacked the waiting etiquette, at least you were safe in the knowledge that you didn't have to wear a multi-coloured one-piece. The nightlife was ok, although there was a fair amount of jail-bait about, and its the first resort I've been to where there's been a t*tty bar! With the amount of snow they've had this season you could be snorting through the white stuff in decent quantities until the NY. Seems to be pretty popular with the czechs, slovaks etc which if you've ever been out on a stag do there you'll know is no bad thing !

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Kitzteinhorn Glacier - Kaprun

Thu 24 March 2005 by Speed Freak

October 2004

Only the Blue 4 run was open and the 'park'. T-Shirt weather was nice and if you are learning, then it's a good place to be. The 'Motorway' wide runs are forgiving and a great place to build confidence. At the end of day, we were going insance waiting for winter and had to find some snow somewhere.

March 05

My Girlie went to Kitz while I was laid up with 4 fractured ribs. She and the crew said it was great to carve down the big runs, but only the reds were really worth riding. Again, a top venue to learn and build confidence. Watch for mogul conditions after the lunchtime herds plough down the slopes