Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Nauders


The main mountain is called Bergkastel Nauders and is a ten minute bus ride from the centre of the town. The gondola there can upload 2800 people per hour so there is not much queuing even at peak times. However, if this is closed due to high winds it is a long slow ride up in 2 chairlifts which are sometimes cold as the infamous Föhn blows on them. In this area the lift systems can whisk you up to 2850 metres at Gueser Kopf, but there are a few T Bars up there so be prepared!

To the right of the Panorama T-Bar lift (around Black 20) there is great potential for off piste. Also check out the drop offs on to Ski Routes 1 and 2 as there can be some good powder here.

In St Valentino there is some easily accessible off-piste straight under the Umlaufbahn, snow permitting, although the bottom quarter is a bit more technical. At the top of the lift there is a nice restaurant which is actually fairly cheap for the mountains (6 Euros for Spag Bog). Be careful higher up though (past the Haideralmsessellift) as the place is avalanche prone. Just look at the number of breakers!

It is worth noting that the treeline throughout the Reschen Pass ends at approximately 2200 metres so there is much potential for some wood dodging action, particularly in Schöneben Belpiano.

In the Maseban area they are also into snow shoeing and the Nauders 3000 company offers guides to take you to some virgin powder if you are prepared to hike from the top of the Melag TBar there. Tel +43 664 52 54 764 for more details.


There is a small park by Restaurant Bergkastel with 3 jumps from mini to medium and 3 rails, which can be fun for a few runs. A half pipe is next to the park but it is small and only shaped once per week and is not really worth the bother.

Locals here take pride in building their own kickers in random places, so keep your eyes peeled. There are quite a few small walls, chalet roofs and cliff drops too you should be able to spot them along the sides of Red 10 in St Valentino.


In Bergkastel Nauders, Red 17 is good for a bit of speed, nice and wide and quite steep in places and runs right by the Tscheyeckbahn chairlift for maximum posing. Black 18 is designed to be a Buckelpiste (Mogul Field) and is usually a wind blown, icy mogul nightmare that is best avoided, unless you see there is decent snow on it from the top of the lift. Red 19 unfortunately has an adverse camber which isnt so pleasant to board down, but you can drop off it to get some powder and link up with ski routes 1 and 2 as mentioned earlier.

St Valentinos main run is Red 10 which is nice with some good bends and possibilities along the side for some mini hits or powder staches. Note the Panorama TBar in this resort sometimes shuts at 2pm.


Two schools operate in the area, namely the Interski Akademie School who wear the hideous orange uniform or the super cool All Black Nauders 3000 school. There is also a huge Kinderland for beginner children as this place is really geared for families, so hopefully lots of second generation boarders will be springing from here!

On the Bergkastel mountain there are 5 short blue runs which are good for learning on and then the long Blue 21 back to the valley is also fun. However, Blue 23 back towards town from the Castle is very flat and not really recommended. The huge Castle at the bottom of the mountain is an amazing back drop to the childrens play area and ice skating rink located nearby. There are also 6 Toboggan Runs here, the longest being 8km to keep the kids happy.

There arent so many blue runs in the other 2 resorts so it would be best to stick to Bergkastel until you have your confidence and have sussed out T-Bars too.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife