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in Nauders

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Resort life

Nauders is a small but pretty town with an old castle overlooking part of it


There isn't much après ski here, but the best bar by far is the Yeti Bar which is open until 2:30am. Once that shuts, you can head to The Alm Bar until 3am for a last jagermeister, then stumble to the Mezzo Snack shop opposite the Post Office for a Kebab or other Imbiss (snack). If you want something posh to eat, head to one of the nice hotels such as the Hotel Central or Hotel Post and have a 5 Course dinner, but be prepared to pay a bit.


There are fourteen 4 Star hotels in the resort, catering for families, but thankfully there are also some Pensions and Guest Houses catering for the boarder with a budget.

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