Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Jasna

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Resort life

The options for staying at the resort have increased dramatically over the past few years, with new hotels been built that have increased accommodation. Nightlife has improved with the addition of the at the happy end and the Hotel Grand offers excellent facilities and wellness packages. After the lift closes night riding can be found but in general the resort can be a little quiet in the evening so lots of people head to the town of Liptovsky Mikulas where lots of good value bars and restaurants can be found where you can spend the evening.


On the slopes you will find a variety of Hearty meals such as Ghoulash and soups and lots of slopeside eateries provide burgers, hot dogs and hearty garlic and cheese breads that are perfect for refuelling. In the evening those looking for a good meal would be best advised to go to Liptovsky Mikulas where there are a variety of restaurants including Route 66, Atlas and the Soda Club. A good meal can still be had for under £10 and prices for drinks are very reasonable.


On the slopes you will find excellent beer and at around £1 a pint mark it is still good value. The happy end has a lively scene in the early afternoon and evening but those in the know head to Liptovsky Mikulas for the  best atmosphere. There are plenty of restaurants and bars serving cheap beer and nice strong cocktails! The ski club is open late and Route 66 has a nightclub for those wanting a late night. The best part is a big night out here won’t leave a hug dent in the wallet!

Happy End Pre Crowds!
Happy End Pre Crowds!
Michael Whittaker


There are a variety of private hire chalets and penison in Jasna and the surrounding town of Liptovsky Mikulas and good deals can be had for those willing to book independently. For those visiting for the first time you should look no further than Propaganda Snowboards, they have been there a number of years now and were the first English company there. The offer excellent value trips and will get you up the mountain each day. As well as the original house they have recently added Chalet 2 and launched their own wakeboarding school. For those flying into Jasna the best route to take is either Bratislava with a three hour train ride to the resort, Krakow is three hours away by taxi and Vienna is also an option with a direct train link to Liptovsky Mikulas.

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