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The secret of June

Fri 26 March 2004 by wongman

Just returned from a trip to California and June is definitely the place to go but do not want to shout too loud about it else everyone will go!!!!

Despite missing out on the enormous February "superstorm" to hit the Sierra Nevada, a good base of 5-7 feet was still to be found even with tempatures in the 60's.

Heavan to me is zero lift queues and June must be heaven. Even on the weekend NO waiting at all. The place can get very spookily quiet on weekdays with more employees than slope users. At times riding up the chairs not a soul to be seen.

The runs maybe short but remain groomed for a very long time but there are a few half decent blues such as Matterhorn or Bodie/Comstock worth a good high speed blast. The steep blacks back to the car-park were closed off while we were there, poor coverage lots of obstacles but have great potential for tree-riding after a good powder dump. Beginners will find plenty of wide, gentle slopes and with so few other slope users, no-one to bump into.

But the piece de resistance are the terrain parks. 3 jump parks, 2 jib parks and a super-pipe, well laid out and maintained every day.

The parks go from small rollers/kickers up to intermediates with table tops with some boxes thrown in to OMFG kickers the height of the J4 chair (30 foot+). Only a few brave souls took those on and those who did knew their stuff. One rider busting successive 9's at Mach 10.

The main jib park is on the summit and with Mono Lake in the background great photo opportunities can be had.

A great comedy moment when the brother nose ended one of the boxes as he forgot to jump the gap.

Super-pipe has moved up higher on the mountain and is finished off with a "wall" and this tended to be where most of the action took place on the mountain.

Any boarder no matter the ability should make the trip up from Mammoth for an experience that they will remember for a very long time.