Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Mammoth Mountain


Freeriders have a great mountain to ride with trees, big bowls and loads of natural hits, especially in areas such as Huevos Grande and Hangman's Hollow. Experienced riders normally head up to the ridge reached by the Panorama Gondola which also opens another area to the back of the mountain. The main north face provides a host of chutes that lead into a wide bowl, perfect for freeriders to show what they're made of.

Cornice Bowl is the one to go for - it's awesome and will give you a major buzz. For the more advanced riders, check out Wipe Out, a double black run off Chair 23. 


Freestylers have a resort that is well in tune with their needs, whether you're after natural hits or purpose built jumps. In recent years, Mammoth “Unbound” has progressed into more than a dozen conveniently integrated parks giving you freestyle areas at various points across the resort.

Each base lodge area has its own “fun zone”, an area of enhanced learning terrain, featuring gentle rollers and small snow spines designed to help beginners progress. “Unbound Playgrounds” offers a mellow introduction to terrain park features, with mini boxes and jumps that that get taller and longer as you progress.

The “forest trail” is the next step for those looking for intermediate features as well as “Rhythm Ride”, “Jibs Galore” and “South Park” where there’s an 18’ half pipe! Super sized jumps and technical features can be found in the “Main Park” where there’s also a 22’ super pipe! The 30 strong park team groom and maintain the parks throughout the season despite the large annual snowfall. 


Riders who like to see where they’ve been and leave their mark in the snow will love Mammoth. The runs are super-well pisted and make for good carving terrain, both for those wanting to go at speed or for the more sedate rider. Check out the trail known as the Saddle Bowl, where you will find a nice, tame, long blue run.


Beginners, if you can't learn or improve at Mammoth, then you're into the wrong sport. The area is perfect for novices, with plenty of green and easy progression blue runs at the lower sections and excellent snowboard tuition available. Sesame Street run off chair 11 at Main Lodge is perfect for beginners, there’s no pistes joining it so you won't get flustered by other riders.

Special beginner packages including lesson, lift and gear and are well worth the money and the local snowboard school has a good reputation.

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