Your views on Squaw Valley

User rating 8 out of 10

Christmas Riding

Wed 24 January 2007 by Kingpin

This place is massive!! A good day here, needed more snow but still good all round riding

User rating 7 out of 10


Fri 3 November 2006 by Jackson

This is a nice mountain size wize. With some pretty long runs for the slow rides. Not a lot Park wise. Very expensive area with a big resort feel. When i went it was extremly icey near the base and extremly cold. Overall not worth a 9 or 10 more like a 7. Or maybe i just went during the wrong time of the year. =\

User rating 8 out of 10

Tue 9 March 2004 by WSG Steve

Cool place, but some of the runs down to the base can be a bit narrow at times and clogged up with minted clueless beginners. The high camp cable cars often at least half full of people in jeans who don't strap anything to their feet - whats that all about, go to disneyland people.

User rating 9 out of 10

Squaw, the best of Tahoe

Sat 29 November 2003 by Matt O

For snowboarders, nothing in Lake Tahoe rivals Squaw. Its wide open terrain provides an X-large variety of steeps, bowls, trees, and natural hits. The park is great for all you pipers and jibbers. Hopefully, you'll hit a powder day, but don't be surprised if they're overly cautious to open up the top before extensive avalanche control. One bonus with Squaw is the great night riding that's included with your daily pass, it's like boarding on the moon. Thats right Earthlings, you can ride all morning, noon, and night to get the most from your coin. Alpine Meadows is 10 minutes away should you desire a day variation. Avoid holiday periods such as New Years and Valentine's Day if possible.

All the best. Matt