Village life, accommodation and nightlife
in Whitefish

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Resort life

Big Mountain offers a good choice of local services with a wide range of options for lodging, eating and having a good night out. The facilities at the base of the slopes are very good and will provide you with most of your basic needs with condo’s that have restaurants and bars. Around the base village you will also find a few shops, but in truth the biggest choice of shops and all other local services can be found back down in the sprawling and old fashioned town of Whitefish. Here you will find a place where locals treat you with respect.


Big Mountain and Whitefish provide good and simple choices for going out and filling your stomach at a price to please everyone. You can pig out at The Stube & Chuckwagon Grill which serves excellent food all day long. The Moguls Bar and Grill is an ideal place to get breakfast before hitting the slopes and is located near the base of Swift Creek chair lift. In Whitefish the Buffalo Cafe is a good place to eat.


Nightlife here is very laid back, but that’s not to say that you can’t have a stomping time. Highly rated by the visiting ski groups is the Stube & Chuckwagon Grill which goes in for too much après ski stuff, is still a cool bar. The Great Northern in Whitefish is not a bad joint which has a good selection of beers.


Accommodation is provided at the slopes or in Whitefish. If you stay near the slopes you will be able to find a condo or a bed in one of the lodges at reasonable prices however if you base yourself down in Whitefish, you will be able to get better deals. There is a hostel called the Non Hostile Hostel that offers cheap bunks 001 (406) 862 7383.  READ NEXT: Mountain statistics