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Get there before everyone or...

Thu 8 September 2005 by Ben8

this place gets tracked out faster than anything- late season last year a day after an 8-12 inch storm we couldnt find fresh anywhere except hiking terrain, and most of those routes had tracks in em already. Even in the trees it was choppy as hell, so we did that and some ultra fast groomers with boosty cat tracks.

The terrain, however, as areas that could make your most epic day of the season, you just gotta want it, like anything. Get there early and get a ride from someone cause any parking remotely close costs you.

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Sun 19 December 2004 by Kev4

Jackson is ace!

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cowboy country

Tue 14 December 2004 by jamie9

this place is amazing and worth a trip to see a place a little different for your average ski resort. the mountain is big and steep, saratogo bowl is a boarder dream and dick's ditch is so much fun its unreal. we also rode grand targee which is an hour away it was almost deserted and we had one of the best days riding ever. we also had a day snowmobiling into yellowstone park to see the old faithfull geuser. we went in 99 and the snow fall was really good that year but they generally get plenty anyway. it was cheap then as well but they might have caught on by now. this place is not for begginers and it takes a bit of getting to but its worth it!

User rating 10 out of 10

Another level altogether

Tue 24 February 2004 by frankieboards

Jackson Hole defies comparison with just about anywhere else in North America, ex just Snowbird and Whistler/Blackcomb. This place is so steep and so gnarly, that you really do have to take their warnings seriously, otherwise a body bag awaits (5 lucky punters went home in a bag in the 2 weeks prior to my stay there). A guy called Bob Vida has written (cleverly) "the Jackson Hole Ski Guide". Its $10. BUY IT!! He's rated every run, every route, every possible decent on a scale of 1 to 12, with guidance on how to tackle it, and on when not to bother trying. It may have been written with skiers in mind, but it is indispensible for riders too. Better still, hire a guide. There are cliffs waiting to catch you out, and parts of the mountain that will have rideable powder days afetr the rest is tracked out, if you know where to go. There was great riding to be had amongst the trees of Moran Face and under the Sublette Chair, on Alta Chutes, Bivouac and down Bird in the Hand. Saratoga Bowl also has sone great steep blacks thgat are worth a trip. Take a ride up the tram (cablecar) and you're into another world. Nothing is easy. Every run requires your absolute attention. This place deserves its awesome reputation. And luckily, its gnarly reputation helps to keep twat head skiers away...mostly. Stay in Teton Village...Hostel X is good and cheap...otherwise staying in Jackson itself requires a car or a daily commute by bus. That said, this is a commute that i could live with! A word of warning....Jackson Hole is changing. Big hotel chains are opening up, and the resort is doing everything that it can to increase numbers of guests. OK, so they can't wreck the magnificent mountain, but an influx of nearly dead American skiers would wreck everything that is most enjoyable about the place at the moment.