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Schladming isn't minging

Wed 22 January 2014 by Jackdelad

January 2014 snowfall has been quite poor and I was resigned to crud and slush. The Austrians are good with canons thought and thankfully its of the snow variety these days. Trail cover is still good even at the lower trails, the slopes face north protecting the cover. Lifts are modern and fast.

Trails are accurately labelled but some blacks were just hard reds in my opinion. As you've seen on the overview they are in short supply for advanced boarders. The trails are good for free riding and you can get plenty of speed on the high proportion of wide reds. These have helped the intermediates in our group progress (they've had little choice really).

Not too many boarders on the slopes at all and some of the gondolas don't even have holsters for boards. They ask you put a condom tip on your stick to bring it in the gondola. More amusing than an irritant and people don't seem to mind boarders, unlike, say Megeve where Ive heard comments from the locals. (I speak German fluently and some french)

Staff on mountain and our digs seem genuinely pleased you are here supporting the local economy. This shows in the efficient and friendly service which contrasts with France where Ive been the last few seasons.

Id come back here and would recommend it for most except total beginners or total hardcore.


User rating 7 out of 10

Not bad at all.

Thu 12 January 2012 by Gazzagee

We travelled to Schladming the week before xmas, and on the whole thought the resort was good, not a huge amount of night life but enough, they are hosting the Ski World Cub in 2013 and you can tell they are making the effort to make it as good as possible, we stayed at the Aqi Hotel which is right next to the main Planai Gondola, 2mins walk in the morning then on the new Gondola system which can move a lot of people up that mountain, the runs where well looked after, however the locals are BIG into their Slalom and found that they made the main runs look like mogul runs by early afternoon on the weekends, week days were not as bad, one to look out for is called Paradise which was just a complete powder run when we were there 2foot deep, even says "welcome to Paradise" as you enter the run :) the only thing is that the prices will go up as the World Cup gets closer.


User rating 7 out of 10

Lovely town

Wed 8 October 2008 by Ari

Four nice little-ish hills mostly linked together. Get up high and you can find some nice bowl and trees off-piste. Move around to a different mountain on the bus each day and you won't get bored. Accomodation was bargain-priced but nightlife pretty dull. Get up to the Dachstein Glacier and do the Austrian National Ski Tour over to Krippendorf or Hall - they featured in Warren Millers "Off the grid" so you know they're good. It'll take you about four hours and feature a few gentle uphill climbs but the views, the mountain refuges and the cruisy off-piste along the way make this a brilliant 20km+ run. You can buy bus tickets from the base station at Dachstein for the ride back. I'd definately go back.