Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Schladming


FREERIDERS will find that any of the areas listed above can suit their needs, with some cool tree runs to be found on the Planai, and favourable powder to be found at Hauser Kaibling.


Dachstein glacier, park designer Bernd MandlbergerFREESTYLERS will find natural hits in most areas, with the Planai and the Dachstein Glacier having the best spots. There is sometimes a halfpipe and fun-parks in the area to catch air on. 

The park on the Dachstein Glacier really comes to life in Autumn and Spring when the park season kicks off. The Home to the Pleasure Jam and the Superstar Session are held here every year.

The park is serviced by a t-bar on the glaciers steepest slope. There's 3 separate lines - one rail line and 2 kicker lines, and each line features 3 or so hits. The park is geared very much towards the advanced freestyler and features some massive table-tops and long technical rails, however the third line is geared more to the decent intermediate. Depending on the snow conditions there is sometimes a few small kickers build alongside the t-bar perpendicular to the main park.


Dachstein glacier, Alex FischerRiders will find all seven areas great, with some of the best pistes on the Hauser Kaibling mountain.


BEGINNERS will find the Rohrmoss area at 869m is flat and boring, but should still appeal to novices. Snowboard instruction is very good, and they even have a children's snowboard school. Blue tomato run a snowboard school on the Planai

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