Your views on Les Arcs

User rating 9 out of 10

Tim Bowne

Tue 17 January 2006 by Timbowne

Went Jan 06 to Arc 1800. Slopes were dead and the new year's snowfall made riding a treat. There was plenty of powder off piste and many natural jumps and kickers scattered all over the place. Night life was fairly quiet as we went outside the skool hols but stil worth a look. Drinks were tres expensive and so I'd recommend a crate or two from the supermarket before venturing to the bars. Would've only been better if we'd had a fresh dump of snow while we were there as rocks started to appear towards the end of the week. Would definatley go back!!!

User rating 9 out of 10

Loads of everything...

Thu 5 January 2006 by printer

Les arcs is a top resort, no doubt about it. I go there nearly every year and it never disappoints - great wide runs for carving, jibs at the pisteside, nice park and loads of off piste to enjoy. Even better now is the paradski pass with la plagne, which opens up all the amazing off piste over there too. Loads of great places to eat and the nightlife is top in 1800. If you're there to enjoy yourself, stay in 1800 as 1600 and 2000 are very family orientated.

User rating 7 out of 10

paul melville

Sun 9 October 2005 by hossydossy

we managed to squeeze a week in les coches at the end of february and i have to say, les arcs was sweet, but it didn't even come close to matching the bellecote glacier at la plagne. there was one particularly nice piece of offipiste right down the valley towars the vanoise express which got a bit mogully, but if you like your trails tricky, check it out.

User rating 4 out of 10

Not 'the go'

Fri 29 April 2005 by Judd

This place is possibly the worst snowboard resort I have been to. There are some good runs but not enough for the crowds. 2000 is a nightmare, the pistes are poorly marked and this area epitomises this problem and everything that is bad about Les Arcs. The nighlife is dire, even in 1800 and also highly isolated aswell. On the good slopes I found there to be too many moguls and with the lack of ski area (even the lift to La Plagne is poorly located) I sometimes found Les Arcs tedious.

User rating 8 out of 10


Sun 20 February 2005 by Adrian10

Some excellent runs that link up nicely to each other. However there are a lot of flat sections on the runs at 2000 so you have to keep up your speed to get past these. Night boarding is excellent and affords the chance to snowboard in quiet conditions. Les Arcs is very quiet anyway due to its size and variety of runs.

User rating 9 out of 10

Place for go, not for show...

Mon 29 March 2004 by john28

After a week in Les Arcs 2000, and my second ever, I want MORE POWDER!!! If you can't find a place to ride here that is uncrowded with real snow, you aren't looking. The guide from the school called it "EuroDisney" - which is pretty accurate, there's lots of off-piste which is in the comfort zone, but which feels just great. Fantastic. The only major drawback is the "cultural spaceship" effect of LA 2000 itself, with prices to match the shipping costs... but you don't care when you're out there doing it, do you?! Reds varied lots in condition day-to-day, depending on recency of bashing, maybe they need more piste bashers so they can get around more frequently. Blacks were heavily moguled. Once I got the hang of the off-piste I rarely did anything else. You can ride in/out from the main LA 2000 hotel/apt area, once you suss which lift to get off. The ride down to LA 1600 from 2600m is very exilaharating, through trees, but was icy and then slushy towards the bottom - better earlier in the season.