Your views on Fernie Alpine Resort

User rating 2 out of 10

Don't waste your money!!!

Tue 10 March 2009 by tcas76

DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! If it wasn't for the snow quality this resort would lie amongst the worst I've ever been to and I've been to plenty! It's not necessarily a terrible mountain (although it's nothing special) it's the way it's run that makes it a total waste of hard earned cash. The pass is extortionate at £450 (765) for ten days. At first I thought this place must be amazing if it warrants such a hefty price but no it's just RCR (the guys that own the mountain) being money grabbers. There are only ten lifts of which 2 have been closed since we got here a week ago. None of them are anything other than slow. RCR regularly close lifts to keep snow fresh in areas and as mentioned before by others this just means the whole place gets tracked out the minute a lift reopens. There is no proper board park which is shameful in this day and age and the only minute rail park has to be paid for when you use it (WHAT!!!!!). The local bus service is expensive and infrequent which is a major headache as you can't get from the slopes to the town or vice versa without it. All in all a complete rip off and nowhere near as good a mountain as numerous others. P.S It's only fair to add that the locals are smashing but 99.9% of them think RCR are cowboys!!!!


User rating 3 out of 10

Times are changing

Sat 29 December 2007 by DJ

Not good at all this year. The jumps have been removed from the park but the lift pass prices are going up. Now there's just a tiny rail park which you have to pay extra to use. Yes, there's loads of snow but don't think it's easy to get at. Every time it snows the management close huge areas of the hill and then open tiny sections at a time so everywhere gets thrashed in seconds. I do respect avalanche warnings etc but you should be able to take some risks for yourself. If you cross the lines, they'll take away your pass for 2 weeks. Trust me, there are WAY better resorts to choose than this one.


User rating 10 out of 10


Wed 17 May 2006 by Colacan

I have just spent the last six months snowboarding in Fernie and it is any boarders paradise. The powder is the fluffiest champagne powder i have ever imagined. The backcountry is endless, natural hits everywhere you look from chutes, gulleys, cliffs and awesome tree runs. This mountain will keep you more than occupied for 5 months. The nightlife is alot quieter than some other big canadian resorts but the house partys are even better than any bars or clubs. Fernie is a very laid back town and will have you feeling like a local.

User rating 9 out of 10

Rock and roll !

Sun 8 February 2004 by Coombsy

Man this place rocks ! We went for 2 weeks in January , it was very cold for 3 days but after that a balmy -10! I have never ever seen snow and conditions like it, I am very reluctant to go to Europe again. Planning another trip in March. Go THERE

User rating 9 out of 10


Mon 19 January 2004 by steve40

what other resorts call a dump fernie calls a flurry, if you want good snow and steep bowls go to fernie in march. like Doyster says the town is pretty quiet but if you're not too fussy and just want a drink, there are some reasonable bars. having to get a bus everyday to the hill is a bit of a pain but you can't have it all your own way

User rating 9 out of 10

Laid Back

Wed 26 November 2003 by Doyster

A cool place with no crowds, good snow and an interesting mountain. Some great bowls for when it's snowed hard. Tree's are pretty tightly packed so limited opportunity to get in there. Quiet nightlife and Fernie itself is nothing special. If you're into the riding more than the afters this is a neat place to hang out.