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La Grave

Mon 18 October 2010 by ronalds

Visited La Grave couple of times. I was lucky enough to get fresh pow all these visits. Not too crowded in start of season, at least until connection with Les Deux Alpes is closed. In mid season it attracts more people, but not the crowds of beginner tourists, cause this place isn't exactly beginner friendly. Only downside is getting back to Les Deux Alpes, on a snowboard it's practically a 20minute or so walk in high altitude. Anyhow, I will be visiting La Grave again, for sure!


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La Grave

Thu 23 March 2006 by oli1

We've been to La Grave second year in a row and it is by far the best snowboarding site in Europe, which I have visited. No family vacationeers, no showing off with newest gear, no fussing around. Mostly relaxed youngsters and grown-ups who're still hippies-at-heart.

The only trick is, that you need to take your time, be patient and wait for the fresh snow. Then it is pure joy and enough trackless powder for at least 3 days.

Check out hotel Castillan right next to ski lifts, which offers old-school double rooms for €37, and a bar in the basement 3 houses uphill along the road, where most of the gang gathers for the evening and which has free Wifi.

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LA Grave as a backside of Les Deux Alpes

Mon 3 November 2003 by Matt O

I rode this on day 6 of a Les Deux Alpes trip. You access backside via snow cat (free with 6 day pass). It was fantastic as I was blessed with untracked powder on the upper portion. I recommend a guide, which I didn't have, or study the map and stay close to the sectional lift. The best riding was above 2400m. The lower traverse is extremely challenging on a board with burnt legs. Moguls, trees, rocks, narrow paths, and dirt await you in the Cascades de glace. Yo, it's a frigin forest! You don't have to board all the way to La Grave to enjoy the mountain. It's a great backside day, but start early if your coming and returning to Les Deux Alpes.