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Tue 31 May 2005 by jehuda

Aight. So i been snowboardin a bunch an all a long time. Been around the world, kicked out of a few places. When I came here, to New Mexico in general, the only place they had a movie theatre was in Albequerqe?! I was like, how good can ther snow be. So, we went up to taos. THey don't like snowboarders. Got kicked out. Found this place angelfire. I saw this and I was like is this even a place on the map? It's the middle of nowhere! But the next mornin', i got up on that mtn. and i was stoked. The snow is, well ya, like 50% man made but its pretty good cuz i was carvin in and out in that stuff, though i did get stuck. They have like one really nice black course called nitro i believe is the nickname, that is really all powder because no 1 rides it except us pros. Well i hit that up. Long ass chair lift. Well worth it On the way up i saw some newb fallin down it i was like wow. That musta hurt am i sure i wanna do this? I got up and rode that trail like a beast but then i got off it halfway (its really long all the way down, record time i dun remember but the guy was goin REALLY fast!) and hit up the terrain parks Now New Mexico borders Texas so u see like all the texan ski familys (yes there are skiiers) goin off a ramp and fallin like one by one. The terrain park was really fun nice little halfpipe there to 350ft i believe it was. hmmm wut else. ya i mentioned skiiers. The mtn. is like the anti-skiier anti-taos place. That's where all the non-upper class taos rejects went cuz they weren't bloody "skiiers" anyway. I had a blast there with some instructor hu was one of these. We went everywhere buttermilkin over the edges of skiis it was hilarious. Definitley worth it in the end. 9/10 w00t. give it a 9+ though.