Your views on Brian Head

User rating 6 out of 10


Thu 1 February 2007 by Turch

Brianhead is a solid place to ride.  If you are an expert or extreme boarder you will probably only be entertained for an afternoon, however this is a great place to learn to ride and they also have a "get better" program for $25 a lesson.  The resort is broken down into two mountains; Navajo, for beginners and families, and Giant Steps, more advanced and intermediate terrain as well as several terrain parks.  The best places to ride are off of lift #5 and #7 where the lines are very short, although the lines are never long at this resort.

The rest of the resort is bare bones so don't expect a lot of after hours entertainment.  Cedar City is the nearest town of size, but not much goes on there after dark.  The staff is usually very courteous and laid back which is the case with the rest of the people in the region who seem to be the ones supporting Brianhead which is three hours drive from Las Vegas and four and half hours drive from Salt Lake City.