Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Les Arcs


Freeriders: it's all here and it's all good! If there is fresh snow on the ground, you can be guaranteed an amazing day through trees in Peisey or above 1600, off cornices in 2000, or just straightlining anything all day long.

Les Arcs
Les Arcs
Photo: B.Nollet

The area off the Trans Arc cablecar gives access to some great off-piste riding.


Freestylers might not see a lot of jumps on first arrival, and in truth, there arent many natural jumps, but the best area is in Peisey, 2000 and high above 1800. The hits on an area known as Les Clocherets are also worth a visit.

Les Arcs Terrain Park
Les Arcs Terrain Park
Photo: scalp

If youre into manmade jumps, then you should head to the Apocalypse Park which has green, red or black runs. It also has a good selection of rails and a strange boardcross thing called the 'boarder gliss'.

The park is not well maintained, however things are getting better.


If you like to stick to the piste then youre in luck. Les Arcs is blessed with amazingly well-groomed, wide open pistes. They're generally crowd-free, well most of the time, especially the higher grade runs. Les Arcs' piste lends itself perfectly for big slashing turns. The Mont Blanc piste on 1600 is ideal for intermediate carvers, and the Belette and Myrtille runs are good for advanced riders who can handle a board at speed.

Les Arcs
Les Arcs
Photo: P.Lebeau


Beginners are sorted here and it shouldn't be long before you're riding all over the place, aided by the quality of the piste and the fact that most areas are connected by fairly easy trails and lifts. There are a lot of drag lifts, so expect a bit of embarrassment as you fall off after the first two yards.

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