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Deep Powder...

Thu 26 July 2007 by Whilthro

I go to Santiago for work quite a bit...

The last two seasons (06 and 07), I have been able to sneak up to Valle Nevado and both times (late August 06 and Mid June 07) I have been blessed with the deep powder we all dream about daily.

The drag lifts were not pleasant for eight hour days but perhaps I am spoiled from living in Colorado?

Highly recommended spot if you have the time and cash...



User rating 8 out of 10


Tue 1 November 2005 by wallywall

Excellent resort, dont know why its not in your top ten. Went there just after the FIS world champs and so had a wicked pipe. The park was in excellent condition and manicured daily by the local rippers. The accomadation is rather expensive but food is amazing. All is all a wicked place